The "Tasks" section of beSlick lets you see all of the Tasks you have access to. It's split into "My tasks" and "All tasks".

We refer to Tasks not created from templates, as ad hoc tasks to differentiate between those created from templates or scheduled recurring tasks.

You can filter your My Tasks list to show only ad hoc tasks and NOT those from templates. You can select the options using the filter menu on the left hand side and checking the (Ad hoc tasks) box.

You can also choose to show any completed tasks using the Hide/ Show slider button at the top of the Filters list.

"My tasks" shows all of the current Tasks and Steps that are assigned to you, while "All tasks" shows Tasks assigned to your colleagues, as well as ones which have been completed - everything across the Organisation that you have the permissions to see.

Here is a video overview to show how it works:

Prioritising and managing your Task list

beSlick allows you to organise the Tasks in "My tasks" by setting priorities on Tasks and hiding Tasks that you don't need to see right now.

Towards the right hand side of the screen there's a 'priority' column. Clicking on 'None' on a Task row allows you to set the priority for this Task.

You can also drag and drop Tasks into the desired priority order by selecting the dots to the left hand side of the Task row and dropping the Task into the right place.

Selecting the three dots on the right hand side of the Task row lets you change things about the Task. Selecting "Snooze until" lets you remove the Task from your Task list temporarily - it will reappear on the date you select.

Tasks that have been hidden appear by pressing the "Snoozed" toggle in the filters on the left hand side of the screen.

Magic Eye View

Sorting by due date has the usual up/down options, but it also has a third option (as you click) which is the Magic Eye view.

This will automatically sort your Tasks in the order that something needs doing (i.e. looking at the due date of Steps within a Task that are assigned to you), and then expanding the top five Tasks showing in My Tasks so you can see what those Steps are.


In both views there are filters on the left hand side of the screen that let you refine the list of Tasks that you see. In "All Tasks" you can filter by organisation, folder, Template, due date, Task status, assignee, and who the task was created by.

You can use these filters to find all Tasks assigned to a certain team or individual within a certain timescale.

For more information about how to save these filters as Reports read this article

Above the filters there is a "Task name" box that lets you narrow down the list of Tasks further by typing in the Task name you wish to find - it could be the name of a client or a reference number.

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