A useful feature in beSlick is being able to leave comments or feedback on tasks and templates. You can also send or receive comments and feedback about tasks you are involved with or in those cases where you want to point someone in your team directly to a comment you have left.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Leaving a comment on a task

  2. Giving feedback on the template

You can also use the @mention feature for comments and feedback which will send an email to the person mentioned, alerting them to the comment or feedback that has been left.

Comments on tasks are often used for reference purposes, for example to give extra information on what was done or why. 

Feedback on the template usually relates to the information already provided, for example perhaps the instructions in a process are unclear or it would be useful if a file was provided to help complete the activity.

While comments can only be left on individual steps in a task, feedback on the template can be left on the template itself, or from a task.

When feedback is left on a template, by default the template owner will receive an email alerting them to this feedback.

Leaving comments and feedback from a task

First, find the relevant step and press the speech bubble icon. A box will appear where you will have a choice to either "Comment on task" or "Feedback on template".

Enter a comment or piece of feedback, and then press "Save". You can also use the @mention feature which will display a drop down menu of all users in your Organisation. When you save your comment or feedback, this will email the person you mentioned, letting them know they have a message to review.

A notification that a comment has been left on a task will appear on the relevant step.

Comments will also appear in the template report. They will appear as as number in a blue circle. Comments can be resolved here so that they don't feature in the numbers when resolved.

Leaving feedback on a template

You can add feedback directly on a template step by pressing the speech bubble icon

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