In a Template or Task, it may be helpful to add files that the user or person carrying out the Task can download to help them. These could be files like template job descriptions, the latest version of a contract, screenshots of a system, or even an instructional video.

Here's a video to explain how to upload a file. 

On the step, click the "Add attachment" button in the bottom left-hand corner. This opens the step "wizard" which allows you to add more information to the Step.

In the Add section, click the "File" button. You will be prompted to browse for a file from your computer.

Image files that are added to Steps display a small preview in the "wizard" view. Clicking on them displays a larger preview in the same window.

Once the template is published, and a Task created from it, the file can then be downloaded by the individual carrying out the Task.

A file for download will be represented by a paperclip icon, and an image file will display an icon of a picture.

Note, you can also embed videos in a Step simply by placing the url anywhere in the text you would like it to appear. It will then appear as an embedded, playable video when published (visible on mobile also).

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